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The “Ballistic Resistant Tank Top” is a concealable vest designed to protect vital organs. Thanks to its semi-lightweight (3.6 Lb) can be used for under-clothes. Tested and certified under the IIIA NIJ 0101.06 by the United States Department of Justice.

Legacy Protection & Intelligence Agency is a U.S. Based Company that distributes the world-renowned brand, Miguel Caballero in Miami. Since 1992 Miguel Caballero creates personal protection solutions, specialized in offering innovative products that adapt to the different needs and critical situations, building a passion to safe lives. This bulletproof Vest are made in Bogota-Colombia by people who are committed to protect, to defend lives, From the Military, Law Enforcement, Security, and Civilian sector. Miguel Caballero has dressed presidents around the world, developing flexible products to preserve safety and discretion.