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Diplomatic and Executive Protection

We are a complete company that offers protection services for diplomats, real and government communities, executives and other high profile individuals. We provide high-quality protection and safety for work areas and residences that require professional care.

Our Diplomatic protection services are adaptable to the current challenges that can be confronted; we have security measures and preventive strategies to combat the threats that may affect our clients. We maintain high service standards and our priority is the welfare and safety of our customers

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We are an experienced company that through our methodology we can achieve the expectations of our clients, maintaining a team of experts in charge of the supervision and management of the security bodies.

We provide first-class discreet protection for our diplomatic clients, covering a wide variety of situations that require adequate protection and care. Contact us if you require professional protection services, we have an experienced team of personalized attention to cover your requirements.

Years protecting you
Safe costumers
Highly trained bodyguards
  • Security & Risk Analyze

  • Route Analysis

  • Defense Driving

  • K-9 Accompaniment

  • Vehicles

  • Agenda Management

  • Bilingual Accompaniment

  • Global Positioning System

We have designed balanced strategies for the improvement of our protection systems for our clients, safeguarding them from threats or incidents, and significantly reducing risks, thus maintaining a safe working environment taking advantage of all the security measures within our reach.


We work hard to achieve perfection and adapt to the needs and schedules of our customers, using avant-garde resources to alwayas ensure optimal service and perfomance.